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Forms and Documents31 documents

Agricultural6 documents

  • Application for Agricultural Land and Grazing use
  • Property Tax Division Order No. 18-28 Grazing Capacities and Values
  • 2023 PTD Order

Business Personal Property6 documents

  • 2023 Business Personal Property Rendition Form
  • Business Personal Property Itemized Rendition Report
  • 2023 Depreciation Schedule
  • Business Personal Property Instruction
  • 2023 Business Personal Property Valuation Guidelines
  • 2023 Business Personal Property Letter

Exemptions2 documents

  • Head of Family Exemption Application
  • Nongovernmental Claim of Exemption Application

General3 documents

  • Residential Transfer Affidavit
  • Mailing Address Change
  • Statement of Increase or Decrease

Manufactured Homes1 document

  • Mobile Home Deactivation Instructions

Protest5 documents

  • 2022 Protest Pamphlet
  • 2021 Protest Explanation Letter
  • Colfax Protest Form
  • 2022 Protest Pamphlet - Espanol
  • Protesting Remedies and Procedures.doc

Veterans2 documents

  • Veteran's Exemption
  • Application DVS Property Tax Exemption

65 And Older6 documents

  • 2020 65 and Over Low Income Disabled Form
  • Property Tax Division Order No. 18-26 Limitation on Increases
  • 65 and Over Checklist
  • 65 and Over Income Tax Affidavit
  • 65 & Older or Disabled Valuation Freeze Application_2023.pdf
  • 65 & Older or Disabled Low Income Form-Spanish_2023.pdf