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Commission Media Release

Press Release
Colfax County Commissioners


Media Contacts

County Manager Monte Gore
Monte Gore <>
230 North 3rd Street
Raton NM 87740
Phone: (575) 445-9661
Fax: (575) 445-2902
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1498


For Immediate Release
Colfax County Uncovered Serious Findings against Former Colfax County Manager
Raton, New Mexico (10/11, 2022)

 Colfax County Commission’s Statement dated

October 11, 2022

The Commission finds that consistent with the Commission’s findings on September 27, 2022, it states that the Commission hired an independent third-party neutral accounting firm to perform a forensic audit and address the former manager Mary Lou Kern’s dealing with the certain contractor which of the subject of the overpayment by the County, and the creation of a potential conflict of interest.

The hiring of the forensic accounting firm, Eide Bailly, LLP, has been done in accordance with pertinent state law and Office of State Auditor’s (“OSA”) directives.

Consistent with the state law and mandate as a governing body of the County, the Commission hereby adopts the forensic accountant’s findings and directs the forensic accounting’s report to be submitted to the OSA.

Although the Commission cannot make a specific comment on the ongoing investigation, the Commission finds the amount of overpayment to the Contractor was in excess of $600,000.

The Commission shall comply with the Office of State Auditor’s directives and shall report to the public if allowed by law and if necessary.