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Forensic Audit-Colfax County

Press Release
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Colfax County Forensic Audit 
Roadrunner Health Services, LLC./Former County Manager

For Immediate Release
Raton, New Mexico (2/9, 2023)

New Mexico Office of the State Auditor (“OSA”), a state agency tasked with conducting special audits and examinations related to allegations of governmental fraud, waste, and abuse, publicly approved its Forensic Audit Report on February 7, 2023, regarding the former County Manager, Mary Lou Kern and Roadrunner Health Services, LLC. The Audit Reports specifically outlined the detailed forensic audit including a former County Manager, Mary Lou Kern and the Roadrunner Health Services, LLC. This report is available at     

The Colfax County Commission hereby reaffirms that it shall continuously cooperate with the OSA and the New Mexico Attorney General’s investigation in this matter and uphold the public trust.