Colfax County is pleased to announce that the citizens of Ute Park are cleared to re-enter their homes
today June 8th, 2018 at 10am.

All property access off NM 204 is still closed and under evacuation orders.

We ask that you obey all speed limits and traffic laws while returning. There will be a law enforcement
presence to assist in this transition. We want to stress that your homes are safe. There were only minor
losses to outbuildings at Cimarroncita Camp. Power was restored to the community several days ago.

The fire threat to Ute Park has been minimized; however there are still some concerns. Air quality will
continue to be an issue as the Ute Park Fire is expected to burn for some time. The winds will change
over the course of this fire and there will be a smoke presence. There is an air quality monitoring station
in Cimarron, Ute Park and the Moreno Valley that will provide up to date info on potential hazards.

Updates on smoke and air quality and links to monitoring information will be available on and

Local Ute Park Residents will be allowed to travel between Ute Park and Eagle Nest on US Highway 64.

ID will be required. (This includes part time residents/ Ute Park Property owners)

Non-residents of Ute Park will not be allowed entry to the west bound section of US Highway 64.

Please be aware that US Highway 64 will remain closed between Cimarron and Ute Park to all civilian
traffic. This is due to ongoing firefighting efforts and damage to the highway corridor. NM 204 will
remain closed as well. The road blocks at US 64 in Eagle Nest/ East side, US 64 in Cimarron/ West side,
and US 64 and NM 204 will remain in place. Reduced speed through the canyon is advised, there will be
fire mitigation efforts along the Ute Park to Eagle Nest section of US 64. Expect delays, there may be
lane closures resulting in single lane travel with flaggers and pilot cars.

For Ute Parks residents on the Cimarron side of the fire, there will be a one time convoy meeting at the
Cimarron/ West side road block that will allow you access to your homes. This convoy will leave the
Cimarron road block at 12 noon on June 8th, 2018. All other entry and exit will be directed to the Eagle
Nest side of the Canyon.

Ute Park residents are advised that there will be continued work in and around the immediate area of
Ute Park as the fire teams begin removal of equipment and supplies. Your patience and cooperation is

We thank you for your patience, kindness, generosity and perseverance through this trying time.