Office of the County Manager

Press Release

Colfax County has closed the Chicorica Bridge located on Colfax County Road A-11 or Blosser Gap Road. The county received information from the New Mexico Department of Transportation, NMDOT, that the bridge was inspected and determined to be critically fractured and unsafe. Colfax County immediately closed the bridge and began to notify residents to take alternative routes.

Colfax County leadership is working on solutions both temporary and permanent. We are working with the state to potentially move forward on building a new bridge which is already in the works. The Colfax County Commission is expected to convene an emergency meeting as soon as possible to make an emergency declaration as part of the process to obtain State or Federal funding for the bridge. Options for a temporary crossing are a being worked on currently.

Alternate routes:

  1. Tinaja exit 435 approximately 15 miles South of Raton. Take I-25 to county road A-9 then to A-10 and then to A-11.
  1. New Mexico State Highway 87 that connects to State Highway 193 and then to Colfax County Road A-8 then to A-11, located East of Raton.

Colfax County will continue to give citizens advisories on this important issue as more information becomes available.